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Tribute to David Douglas Duncan
mercredi 19 septembre 2018

The Photo Agency offer a selection of photographs in tribute to David Douglas Duncan, who passed away in June at the age of 102.American photographer and Officer of the Marines, he was reporter of Pacific, Korean and Vietnam wars before taking pictures of his great friend, Pablo Picasso. 

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Tribute to Danielle Darrieux
lundi 30 octobre 2017
From the youthful grace of her early roles to the elegance of her adult years, the actress Danielle Darrieux made more than a hundred films over the course of one of the longest careers in the history of French film.
She began her work as a teenager, in romantic roles. After the war, she moved into melodramas and comedies, both in film and...
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Tribute to Charles Baudelaire
jeudi 31 août 2017
To mark the 150th anniversary of the death of Charles Baudelaire (9 April 1821-31 August 1867). let us pay tribute to this unclassifiable personality, filled with contradictions and ambivalence: A poet who defined modernity but also an important art critic with the greatest foresight of his era.Succumbing to syphilis at the age of 46,...
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Elvis Presley, the King
mercredi 02 août 2017
It was on 16 August 1977 that the world of rock and roll learned that the King had died aged just 42. Born Elvis Aaron Presley, he revolutionised his era, as much through his choice of attire and the freedom from restrictions that would follow as through his music.From his first public appearances in 1954, he attracted fans both for his new and...
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Tribute to Jeanne Moreau
mardi 01 août 2017
In 60 years of cinema and over 130 films, Jeanne Moreau worked with some of the great directors, from Luis Buñuel to Wim Wenders, François Truffaut to Orson Welles…Jeanne Moreau always portrayed strong characters, seeking to upset the morality of her era with great freedom in her lifestyle, defending the image of the emancipated woman...
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Tribute to Francis Bacon
vendredi 28 avril 2017
25 years ago, Francis Bacon passed away during a trip to Madrid. The famous British painter is largely represented at the Centre Pompidou but his works are also presented in other collections circulated by the Agence Photo. 
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