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10 images that make you want to sing in the rain
jeudi 07 décembre 2017
To mark the performances of Singin’ in the Rain at the Grand Palais, we've selected some images that will make you want to watch or re-watch this classic musical."Singin' in the Rain" remains THE definitive musical more than 65 years after its release. Even people who haven't seen the film know the famous scene with...
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Elvis Presley, the King
mercredi 02 août 2017
It was on 16 August 1977 that the world of rock and roll learned that the King had died aged just 42. Born Elvis Aaron Presley, he revolutionised his era, as much through his choice of attire and the freedom from restrictions that would follow as through his music.From his first public appearances in 1954, he attracted fans both for his new and...
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Do, re, mi, fa, sol
mercredi 21 juin 2017
The Fête de la musique is celebrated across the globe on 21 June, a date that corresponds to the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere and is traditionally associated with the feast of Saint John. A number of local music festivals are held on the solstice day as part of the nationwide celebrations.Created in France in 1982, and...
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Claudio Monteverdi, the roots of Opera
mardi 20 juin 2017
A film that follows in the footsteps of Claudio Monteverdi to three cities where he lived: Cremona, Mantua and Venice, each corresponding to a key stage in the journey of the composer and creator of opera.The career of Claudio Monteverdi, straddling the 16th and 17th centuries, places the development of opera into the historic and social...
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Baroque harmonies in Versailles
mercredi 05 avril 2017
The Festivités et divertissements à Versailles exhibition has recently closed, having reminded us of how Louis XIV turned celebrations into genuine instruments of power. His successors continued the magnificence and creativity of this great monarch, dancer and accomplished musician.Life in the court of Louis XIV was fully codified, with music...
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Accordion player Richard Galliano, a source of inspiration
jeudi 15 décembre 2016
Let yourself be transported by images of Richard Galliano’s virtuosity.Surrounded by the greatest names in music (Claude Nougaro, Astor Piazzola, Barbara and Dick Annegarn), with a repertoire that runs from Mozart to Edith Piaf, Galliano works across all musical genres. The varied range of compositions and interpretations, combined with...
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