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Tribute to David Douglas Duncan
mercredi 19 septembre 2018

The Photo Agency offer a selection of photographs in tribute to David Douglas Duncan, who passed away in June at the age of 102.American photographer and Officer of the Marines, he was reporter of Pacific, Korean and Vietnam wars before taking pictures of his great friend, Pablo Picasso. 

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Alfonse Mucha, master of Art Nouveau at the Musée du Luxembourg
jeudi 13 septembre 2018

The Musée du Luxembourg is hosting an exhibition dedicated to the internationally renowned Czech artist, Alfonse Mucha from 12 September 2018 to 27 January 2019. Inseparable from the image of Paris 1900, his reputation comes mainly from his elegant posters in a very distinctive style, emblematic of Art Nouveau....

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Smile, it’s September!
vendredi 31 août 2018

 Summer is coming to an end, the holidays are over, suitcases are being zipped up and everyone is getting back on the road and heading home.But let’s look on the bright side: no more children screaming on the beach, bye-bye surprise neighbours in the bungalow next door, no more watch your figure to feel...

In Mario’s world
mardi 28 août 2018

Over 30 years ago, the moustachioed plumber embarked on his pursuit of Bowser to save Princess Peach.

Through pipes and levels filled with all kinds of enemies, the Mushroom Kingdom makes for some lively adventures. Luckily, Mario can go kart racing with his friends to relax in...

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CulturMoov: The app that puts your finger on museum gems!
vendredi 24 août 2018

Want to discover French cultural treasures in a light-hearted and quirky way? Try CulturMoov, the web and mobile application to play and travel with French heritage. 

CulturMoov opens up the fields...

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The Paris of Jérôme Prince
lundi 30 juillet 2018


Armed with his camera, Jérôme Prince took time to photograph Paris, its emblematic monuments, its narrow paved streets and the banks of the Seine.

His work, which provides a contemporary perspective of the “City of Light”, is a continuation of...