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Soleil, Marseille, musée d'Arts africains, océaniens, amérindiens, (C) Ville de Marseille, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / David Giancatarina
Are you there, sunshine?
thursday 05 july 2018
A lack of sunshine in winter, torrential rain in spring: might the sun brighten up our summer?In the meantime, let’s warm up by looking at some...
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Paris VI le pont des arts et l'Institut
The abundance of the Belle Époque
tuesday 01 may 2018
With universal expositions and steam locomotives, gleaming cars overtaking hackney cabs, feathered hats, parasols and chichi parties, the...
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Eugène Delacroix, d'Orient et d'Occident
Eugène Delacroix: East and West
wednesday 28 march 2018
 To mark the retrospective of Eugène Delacroix’s work at the Musée du Louvre from 29 March to 23 July 2018, ARTE is broadcasting a...
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La vélocipédomanie, Alfred Darjou, Compiègne, musée de la voiture
Did you know the bicycle is only 200 years old?
thursday 22 february 2018
For almost two centuries, our roads have been overtaken by the curious vehicles that force pedestrians to share their public spaces. Silent, easy...
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La Modiste (La marchande des modes; Le matin), François Boucher, Wallace Collection
Versailles and fashion
tuesday 23 january 2018
At once a birthplace of dress codes, a source of inspiration and a showcase, the Palace of Versailles – a royal residence, a place of power...
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Nuancier d'oeuvres d'art
Pantone 2018: museums in ultraviolet
tuesday 16 january 2018
 The Pantone colour chart sets the tone! Discover the colours in fashion in 2018 through our images!As with every season,...
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Les Petites mouettes, Octave Penguilly L'Haridon, musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes
Leave it all behind and head for... Brittany
friday 18 august 2017
Cromlech, bagad, korrigan: these are the sounds of Brittany, the land of legends and contrasts. From the pink granite coast to the beaches of fine...
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Fichten im Winter, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Paris, Centre Pompidou - Musée national d'art moderne - Centre de création industrielle
In the world of Game of Thrones
saturday 15 july 2017
Discover a selection of images to back into the TV serie.
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Pêcheurs de nacre à Tahiti, Yvonne de Saint-Cyr, musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac
Leave it all behind and head to Tahiti
tuesday 11 july 2017
Evoking Tahiti means sparking colours, intoxicating smells, an expected languor and a wide range of imagery concerning the gentleness of life,...
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cour du Louvre avec affiche Vuitton
Our images XL on billboards worldwide!
tuesday 04 july 2017
Louis Vuitton is redecorating some of the most prestigious walls from Paris to Osaka and Shanghai with our ultra-high definition images to present...
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Jacques Cousteau, Photographe : Les Requins Associés / Italie, Florence, Fratelli Alinari
Cousteau, inventor of underwater photography
friday 23 june 2017
Commander Cousteau left us 20 years ago, having helped several generations to dream with his documentary films of marine life.A naval officer...
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Claudio Monteverdi, the roots of Opera
Claudio Monteverdi, the roots of Opera
tuesday 20 june 2017
A film that follows in the footsteps of Claudio Monteverdi to three cities where he lived: Cremona, Mantua and Venice, each corresponding to...
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