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The rate for images depends on their use. It comprises a fee for reproduction including for works in the public domain, which takes into account processing of the image (photography, integration and indexing of image in the database).

The data in notices : information in notices (date, dimension of the work, place of production) originates from the conservation department.

Searching for images:

You can carry out simple or advanced searches and print in without registering on our Website. You must however create an account to select or order images.

If your search results are too numerous:

You can refine the search by using the refinement options. You can filter your search by author, technique, location, colour or orientation. You can also try “Advance Search” which offers many other search options to restrict the results.

If there are only just a few images in your search result:

Perhaps you entered too much information. The search will find only the elements corresponding to your instructions and key words, therefore the more information you enter, the fewer the corresponding results.

If there is no image in your search result:

Perhaps there is no image corresponding to your search. However, if you believe there should be some results, here is some advice: try synonyms or associated key-words, choose more general key-words, delete key-words.

Creation of an account:

To register on our Website, click on “connection” (top right of window), then on “register and sign in”. You must complete a form with the mandatory fields, the information given will be kept strictly confidential. You will be requested to enter your email address on the form which you must enter again for each connection, using a password. When you first connect to our Website, you will be asked to accept the “Legal Information and Terms & Conditions of Use”.

To access your account, you can click on the “connection” menu and complete the fields: Email address and Password. You can then find your orders and selections recorded in the menu displayed in the top right of your browser window. You can also change your contact details by clicking on “My account”, in the scrolling menu under your name.

Selections :

- You can make as many selections as you wish to add images. You can add and remove images at will; when your search is finished, you can save a selection to which you allocate a name. You can place orders by adding the images of your choice to your cart (see ordering section). The content of the choice of image is specific to each person, therefore it is important that each user connects to the Website using their personal identifier and password.

- You can include an image in your selection by clicking on “Add to the selection”. If the image is one of your choices, the icon will change: ‘Remove from the selection’. The same image may be included in several selections. Therefore, you can copy an image from one selection and paste it into another selection.

- You can view the contents of your selections from the “Selections” menu.

- You can delete images from the selection in progress by clicking on “Empty”.

All selections may be sent by email by clicking on “send by email” at the bottom of the page in the “My selections” window.

Ordering images:

- To order an image from the Website, click on “Add to cart”. The order can be placed from the images thumbnail screen.

- When your order selection is complete, go to “Cart” at the top of the page.

- Select your project type (sector of activity, print run) – for individuals, there is a private use option without disclosure. A series of fields will appear with lists of choices to be made.

  • If all images are for the same use, simply click on “Repeat this information for other images”. The information selected for the first image will then apply to the rest.
  • If the images ordered are intended for different uses, then simply add the information required for each image.
  • If the same image is intended to be used differently for the same project, then simply click on “Duplicate this image in the cart for another project”.

When you have completed all the information fields, you can click on “Confirm Order”, a window appears for entering the title of the project with the name of the project manager.

Once your order has been placed, we will contact you: an estimate will be sent by email on receipt of your order; or if you have already placed an order for this project with our agency, you will receive the image by the delivery method you specified.

By clicking on “Orders” at the top of the window, you can access your orders pending authorisation, orders which have been authorised for downloading, a history of your orders and rejected orders.

Downloading images on line (2 JPEG formats):

When you receive an email informing you that the ordered image is ready to be downloaded, click on the link to the image and follow the instructions displayed on screen to download it. If the link is not activated, go to “Orders” and “Orders authorised for downloading” to access the high definition file.

Caution only 2 jpeg formats may be downloaded. For information: a file of a format 2048 x 3072 pixels allows printing up to A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm) in an artwork, and the format 4096 x 6144 pixels allows printing up to A3 format (dimensions) with the same standard of quality.

On downloading the image, a message will ask where to store it. All high definition downloadable images are in slightly compressed (not more than 70%) jpeg format. The copyright is in all the IPTC fields accessible in Photoshop and other compatible image software.

Search for selections made by the Photographic Agency of RMN-GP in the News Menu:

In addition to our information letters, the News item offers selections made by archivists at the RMN-GP Photographic Agency. You can view these collections to find themed albums of images by clicking on the representative image or the name of the selection.