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Sunny Side zooms in on 3D

vendredi 16 juin 2017

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The photography agency will feature at the 28th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc to showcase its 3D collection of works of art.

An unmissable event in the documentary industry, the exhibition kicks off at La Rochelle from 19 to 22 June 2017. This year's edition will gather producers, distributors, broadcasters and actors of the digital world around a variety of topics, namely: Sciences, Investigation, Wild Life, with History taking centre-stage this year.

The foremost novelty of the year lies in the launching of PiXii, ("Parcours Interactif d’eXperiences Immersives & Innovantes" or interactive journey of immersive and innovative experiences) involving all new content-rich experiences combining virtual, enhanced and mixed reality; 360° video and sound-surround effects).

The Multimedia department and the Photo Agency will represent RMN-GP to showcase 3D developments. In tandem with interested institutions and museums, the Photo Agency has honed its skills in 3D reproduction of works of art.

France Collections 3D is boosting widespread knowledge of the museographic heritage by responding to:

     • Current needs of museums for 3D modelling of their collections;

     • Challenges facing museums in the areas of communication, promotion of visits, in-situ and on-line mediation, inaccessible or remote audiences, artistic and cultural education;

     • New and fast-growing 3D uses like 3D printing, Enhanced Reality or Virtual Reality;

     • Needs for new content formats expressed by digital editors (video games, publishing, education, application) as well as animation and digital post-production studios.

Production of 3D models by the Photo Agency:


The 3D reproductions of Paul Gauguin's works displayed at the Musée d'Orsay will be previewed at the retrospective exhibition code-named "Gauguin l'alchimiste" (Gauguin the alchemist) during the October event at the Grand-Palais.

Welcome to the confluence of novelty and audacity!


See on Agence Photo website:

All 3D reproductions


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