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A look back on the Gauguin 3D Hackathon

vendredi 26 janvier 2018

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The Gauguin 3D Hackathon took place at the Cité des sciences on 14 and 15 January: 2 days for creating, remixing, twisting, and 3D printing works by Paul Gauguin.

The Agence Photo and Cité des sciences joined forces to organise and host the first art-based Hackathon with a focus on 3D. 

The Fab Lab du Carrefour numérique², at the heart of the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, is a manufacturing workshop open to all, where equipment and machines are made available in order to create and experiment individually or as part of a team. The Agence Photo had prepared a selection of heritage-based works with the aim of imagining and creating new temporary collaborative artistic uses.

This gathering enabled 22 participants to talk to professionals in heritage conservation and promotion, as well as in 3D modelling. They were also able to benefit from the advice and expertise of various mentors. 

The aim was to encourage makers and artists to come together and strengthen ties between art, sciences and digital technologies by transforming and personalising paintings and sculptures by Gauguin during an art-based hackathon weekend.



In the end, 12 creative projects were completed by participants from different walks of life. These projects included a video game in which a little butterfly discovers Gauguin’s sculptures and all sorts of information about them, as well as a fun 3D puzzle based on the 3D model of a Gauguin sculpture. 

All of the work, sketches, creations, enhancements, twists, engravings, prints and more were displayed in the Galerie du Carrefour numérique² on Sunday 14 January, and feature in the following photo report.