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The 3D studio of the Photo Agency: a quality professional service for national museums

vendredi 06 juillet 2018

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 On a constant quest for new processes and pushing technical boundaries ever further, the 3D studio continues its rise to a quality professional service for all national museums.


The Photo Agency of the Rmn-GP was very quick to explore the peripheral techniques of the two-dimensional image. It began with tests relating to virtual tours, cousins of the assembly-based Gigapixels image, which it has used for several years to provide ultra-high definition reproductions of numerous masterpieces in national museums. 3D was the natural next step, with tentative beginnings and laborious research into a nascent and fast-evolving field.



The Photo Agency has stayed on course and pulled itself from the quicksand of increasingly fast and precise production protocols to reach a level of quality that is now praised by several major players in the family of 3D creators.  Whether in 2D or 3D, the Photo Agency has always been obsessed with quality, accuracy and efficiency.

While the quality of its 2D images has been recognised for decades, its 3D productions are now remarkably high-quality, with several of them rewarded by being selected among the top ten in the “cultural heritage & history” section of the platform Sketchfab, the principal visualisation site for 3D objects, on which the Agency is approaching 2,000 followers worldwide.

Top 10 Cultural Heritage & History

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Today, the Photo Agency offers over 800 3D reproductions of works from different national museums, a colossal feat given the youth of the 3D studio. The Agency uses 2 techniques for digitising the works, laser scanner and photogrammetry (creating a 3D object from 2D photographs), sometimes mixing them to obtain increasingly high-quality results.

It is now safe to say that the 3D studio of the Photo Agency of the Rmn-GP has reached a level of quality that positions it among the world’s key players in 3D heritage digitisation.


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