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Zizi Jeanmaire, par Sam Lévin
Mon truc en plumes, plumes de zoiseaux !
wednesday 16 november 2016
Musée du Quai Branly showcases the art of pre-Columbian plumassiers, particularly the symbolism of the feather in pre-Columbian America. In...
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La ville de Marseille de Nicolas Visscher, Musée d'Histoire de Marseille
New collections: the museums of Marseille
tuesday 15 november 2016
From now on, appreciate the city of Marseille's museum collections: a journey through art history across works from nine museums.Château...
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Le bodhisattva Mahâpratisara à huit bras
Restorations at Musée Guimet: the Buddhists Pantheon Galleries
monday 14 november 2016
Large scale works at the Hôtel Heidelbach and renewal of the vegetation in its Japanese garden is currently underway. On this occasion, the pieces...
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Figure d'ombres : Abou al-Wahem, le fanfaron / Paris, musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac
wednesday 09 november 2016
In a bow, handlebar-shaped, hook-shaped: There’ll surely be something for everyone!Throughout our history, depending on fashion, beliefs or...
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The Merovingian Times
The Merovingian Times
friday 09 september 2016
The Vase of Soissons, the baptism of Clovis, and Good King Dagobert who wore his pants inside-out: did the Merovingians only leave us with these...
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