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The Women who have Shaped the History and the Arts

jeudi 08 mars 2018

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Because International Women's Day isn't just about 8 March, we are taking a look back at our iconic treasures from the female pantheon, representing women who have left their mark on History, Art and Society.

Throughout the centuries and depending on the societies in question, women's freedom and situation has varied greatly, subject to the rules and laws that affect all aspects of everyday life: social, economic, cultural, political and religious.

From the right to vote to the right to one's own body, the 20th century brought important changes for women in the West: work, travel, opening a bank account, moving house. What seems natural and accepted these days is the result of the demands upheld by previous generations. 

Women's Cross Country Race, Alexander Alexandrovitch Deïneka

(C) Archives Alinari, Florence, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Fratelli Alinari


From Marie Curie to Simone Veil, there are great contemporary figures but also small everyday victories. Every step towards equal rights opens up perspectives for more balanced societies and advantages shared by all, examples to be exported as far as possible. 

“Being different does not mean being unequal” -– Françoise Héritier