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"Jardins extraordinaires" exhibition: Jean-Baptiste Leroux Photo Agency photographer

mardi 16 mai 2017

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  • The priory and gardens at Orsan, Jean-Baptiste Leroux
    The priory and gardens at Orsan, Jean-Baptiste Leroux
    Photo (C) Collection Jean-Baptiste Leroux, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Jean-Baptiste Leroux

Presented on the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg, the "Jardins extraordinaires" exhibition focuses on a selection of photos by Jean-Baptiste Leroux archived by the RMN-GP Photo Agency.

This exhibition offers a photographic panorama of the term "Remarkable garden" through the lens of the contemporary photographer Jean-Baptiste Leroux, famous for his landscape and heritage photography. 

Coline Zellal, heritage conservationist and exhibition curator, has selected around sixty of the photographer's shots from the photo agency's print archive.

Indeed, since 2010, Jean-Baptiste Leroux has entrusted his Ektachrome photographic production to the photo agency for digitisation and commercial distribution. These images are retouched and interpreted (framing, colorimetry, density/contrast, "cosmetics") while retaining the spirit and aesthetic intended by the auteur.



There are now 1,600 photographs by Jean-Baptiste Leroux available on the photo agency's website.

The first part of the exhibition is concerned with the Jardin du Luxembourg as seen through the famous lenses of Willy RonisEugène Atget and André Kertész, photographs that are also taken from the Photo Agency's image archive.

Organised by RMN-Grand Palais, in collaboration with Art & the City, and support from the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, the "Jardins extraordinaires" exhibition on the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg runs until 23 July 2017 in parallel to the "Jardins" exhibitionat the Grand Palais, from 15 March to 24 July 2017.


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