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Ettore Sottsass, Italian designer

mercredi 13 septembre 2017

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Mulhouse Museum of Printed Textiles
About collections
Mulhouse Museum of Printed Textiles
mardi 29 novembre 2016
Three hundred years of fabrics from around the world, a source of inspiration for textile designers.            ...
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Opéra Garnier : rotonde du Soleil, Raphaël Gaillarde, Paris, collection Raphaël Gaillarde
Products & inspirations
Deco trends: from floor to ceiling
lundi 14 novembre 2016
Why not draw inspiration from architectural decorations to adorn our interiors?From the floor to the ceiling, current coatings are an invitation...
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Nuancier d'oeuvres d'art
Products & inspirations
Pantone 2018: museums in ultraviolet
mardi 16 janvier 2018
 The Pantone colour chart sets the tone! Discover the colours in fashion in 2018 through our images!As with every season, the  See more