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CulturMoov: The app that puts your finger on museum gems!

vendredi 24 août 2018

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Want to discover French cultural treasures in a light-hearted and quirky way? Try CulturMoov, the web and mobile application to play and travel with French heritage. 

CulturMoov opens up the fields of art and heritage by revealing works from French museums in a truly entertaining light. Anecdotes and games provide a brief history of the objects and places that tell us about the history of art, architecture and human creation. It’s an initial approach to the collections of French museums which aims to inspire us to find out more.



Quizzes, anecdotes, videos, 3D models, and more... CulturMoov offers a range of modern tools to showcase the symbolic objects and places in French museums and towns with a single aim: to fuel the curiosity of everyone, for everything, while having fun. The mini-exhibitions are digital tours that aim to draw our attention to pieces belonging to the vast collections of museums. The user becomes an active participant in their tour, fully in control of their experience and constantly invited to interact with the works.

The application invites us to literally touch on secrets and revelations about day-to-day objects, rare artworks and even pieces from museums’ reserve collections, some of them hidden from the public in order to preserve the fragments of heritage that are too fragile to put on display. 


Application website



You can find the Photo Agency images on the CulturMoov application, particularly in the mini-exhibitions on the Royal Carriage, Vishnu Garuda, The Tour de France, the Cradle of Henry IV and many more.


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