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Remarkable women: lucky pick!

mardi 03 octobre 2017

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  • “Remarkable women” Happy Families game published by Si/si, les femmes existent
    “Remarkable women” Happy Families game published by Si/si, les femmes existent

If I were to say “Mendelssohn” to you, you would think of Felix Mendelssohn, the German musician, conductor, pianist and composer of the early Romantic period, to be precise. But have you heard of Fanny Mendelssohn? A renowned musician and composer, she has since been completely overshadowed by her brother! 

Does the name Amelia Earhart mean little or nothing to you? Don’t worry, you’re by no means alone, yet Amelia Earhart was the very embodiment of the adventurous, liberated woman! Amelia was the first female aviator to cross the Atlantic Ocean, in 1928!!

Hélène Boucher and Elise Delaroche were two other female aviators whose names have sadly disappeared from history.

Who invented the circular saw? Who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for literature? What was Marie Curie’s job? A new game based on famous women is a fun way to learn the answers.

Si/si, les femmes existent is an association that aims to highlight a series of remarkable women relegated to the ash heap of history. And we are proud to have helped illustrate their game of Happy Families! 

This game, which comes with a quiz on these key figures, puts a face to a creation, invention, discovery or achievement. Players can discover or rediscover the contributions of women over history, with 7 themes and 42 important women who excelled in the fields in which they pioneered, from music to writing, painting, science and technology. 

Can you recognise them from our selection below?