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Iconic works from museums ... in 3D!
friday 01 december 2017
From photogrammetry to the creation of 3D models for augmented reality, explore this video about the expertise and activities of the RMN-Grand...
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Our images illuminate the façade of the Grand Palais
tuesday 21 november 2017
 To mark the 'Gauguin, Artist as Alchemist' exhibition, the Grand Palais has given 'carte blanche' to the Athem installation...
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3D modelling of the 'Grenoble' cuirass: an aesthetic and scientific challenge
thursday 28 september 2017
The taking of samples for analysis from this famous bronze age cuirass (9th century BC) was also the occasion for the Musée de l'Armée and the...
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Sunny Side zooms in on 3D
friday 16 june 2017
The photography agency will feature at the 28th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc to showcase its 3D collection of works of art.An unmissable event...
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The discreet charm of museum photography: the background
wednesday 19 april 2017
The choice of background has considerable influence on the rendering of a photo. Be it paper, velvet, formica, PVC, or “arctic white”...
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Our images are looking good Jeff Koons for Louis Vuitton
wednesday 12 april 2017
The RMN-GP photo agency is pleased to announce a wonderful new partnership with the Maison Louis Vuitton (LVMH), as part of a creation by Jeff...
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Atlas des Parcs et Jardins du Palais de Compiègne
tuesday 04 april 2017
The photographic agency has begun digitising the Atlas des Parcs et Jardins du palais de Compiègne. There is only one copy of this work that is...
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Portfolio of the Month
saturday 01 april 2017
Every month, agency photographers share their passion for their work with us through their photographic output.Stéphane...
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Photographing a faience carpet
wednesday 22 march 2017
A report behind the scenes of a very high-definition photo shooting: the paving of Château d'Ecouen.This photographic campaign begins in the...
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The Crown Diamonds: Sancy, Hortensia, Regent
monday 13 february 2017
It's been thirty years since the Crown Diamonds were last put on display to photographers. For the tricentennial of the acquisition of the...
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Portfolio of the Month
monday 23 january 2017
Here is a selection of this month's photographic activity, shot by hand by our team of photographers.          ...
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The Agence photographique, an active participant in heritage conservation
tuesday 17 january 2017
In 2013, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Valenciennes asked the Agence photographique de la Rmn-GP to digitise a collection of previously unseen...
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