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Bal guinguette in ultra-high definition
wednesday 17 january 2018
Bal du moulin de la Galette: behind the scenes of a gigapixel shoot. The month of August is drawing to a close, and traffic on Quai Anatole France...
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A look back on museums’ 2017 acquisitions in pictures
wednesday 10 january 2018
Every year, several hundred works join the collections of museums, leading to the organisation of photography campaigns provided by our agency or...
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Entering the public domain in 2018
monday 08 january 2018
Works by more than 90 artists represented in our collections enter the public domain on 1 January!There are too many to list here, but below...
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Star Wars: characters and designs found among our collections
wednesday 13 december 2017
 For 40 years, the world created by George Lucas has transported us into a modern mythology where all of the ingredients and characters seem...
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Not to be missed in 2018: anniversaries and commemorations
tuesday 12 december 2017
Between important dates in History and more humble anniversaries, the year 2018 will be rich in unmissable commemorations and celebrations, which...
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10 images that make you want to sing in the rain
thursday 07 december 2017
To mark the performances of Singin’ in the Rain at the Grand Palais, we've selected some images that will make you want to watch or...
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The spirit of Montmartre
thursday 30 november 2017
Montmartre has an international reputation and this famous district represents a certain notion of Parisian life at the turn of the...
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Prestigious monuments: an intimate view by Raphaël Gaillarde
friday 10 november 2017
Renowned and respected photographer Raphaël Gaillarde helps us discover the hidden recesses of famous sites through intimate imagery and hushed...
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Seeing music
wednesday 08 november 2017
How can music be represented using black and other colours? How can the sound made by the tip of the paintbrush be evoked? This is the challenge...
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Tribute to Danielle Darrieux
monday 30 october 2017
From the youthful grace of her early roles to the elegance of her adult years, the actress Danielle Darrieux made more than a hundred films over...
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In the world of Harry Potter
wednesday 25 october 2017
Twenty years ago, owls flew over the house of Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia. Harry was ten years old. He was about to start at the School of...
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Vahines: exotic muses
tuesday 24 october 2017
In an idyllic natural landscape of beaches, lagoons, palm trees, shells and corals, the vahine became a source of inspiration for artists with...
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