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Summer in Le Havre
wednesday 24 may 2017
The Norman city has continued to inspire many photographers and painters throughout its history. The Photo Agency opens its doors to the Ocean...
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The Universal Exhibition of 1937 as seen by contemporaries
monday 22 may 2017
Monday 22 May 2017 saw the closing of applications to host the Universal Exhibition of 2025.  France, whose application was lodged over one...
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Our images illustrate MOOC A brief history of the art
wednesday 17 may 2017
The RMN-GP Photo Agency is an essential resource for art images for MOOC Une brève histoire d'art. Since 24 April, 17,700 people have...
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The legend of Excalibur in images
wednesday 17 may 2017
Take a trip into a variety of medieval legends and other tales of chivalry with these collections distributed by our Agency.Arthurian legend, the...
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Masterpieces from the château d'Ecouen photographed by the Photo Agency
wednesday 17 may 2017
For the 40th anniversary of the Musée national de la Renaissance d'Ecouen, we are offering a selection of masterpieces from their collections...
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"Jardins extraordinaires" exhibition: Jean-Baptiste Leroux Photo Agency photographer
tuesday 16 may 2017
Presented on the gates of the Jardin du Luxembourg, the "Jardins extraordinaires" exhibition focuses on a selection of photos by...
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Astonishing childhood motifs
thursday 11 may 2017
The Photo Agency is distributing the collections of the Museum of Printed Textiles of Mulhouse among which feature some astonishing childhood...
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Preview of illustrated collections from the collection of the Musée de l’Oise in Beauvais
wednesday 03 may 2017
The Agence Photo has enriched its photographic resources by digitising several albums of the Departmental Museum of Oise in Beauvais (MUDO).
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Representation of the worker in 19th century sculptures
monday 01 may 2017
A day marking workers’ struggles around the world, 1 May has been a day off in France since 1947.Labour Day emerged from a general strike...
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Tribute to Francis Bacon
friday 28 april 2017
25 years ago, Francis Bacon passed away during a trip to Madrid. The famous British painter is largely represented at the Centre Pompidou but his...
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Dalida, a life in song
wednesday 26 april 2017
Thanks to Sam Lévin’s photographs conserved at the Architecture and National Heritage Media Library, our collections are filled with...
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The Musée d’Archéologie nationale celebrates 150 years
monday 10 april 2017
To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the first rooms of the National Archeology Museum in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, let's go back...
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