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Wild love, fatal passion
tuesday 17 october 2017
Influenced by their romantic relationships, great figures in the history of 20th century art have left behind a well-known iconography shaped by...
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October 1917
tuesday 10 october 2017
Like the French Revolution in the 18th century, the October Revolution of 1917 rattled early 20th century world history.At the time, the world was...
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Roger Parry in Tahiti
thursday 05 october 2017
Roger Parry was 27 years old when he set sail for the islands of French Polynesia. His report was published by Gallimard in 1934 with the...
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May 68, the walls are talking
thursday 21 september 2017
May 68: a visual look back at the most important political, social and cultural revolt of the past 50 years.As the students' anger grew,...
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Nice hat!
wednesday 20 september 2017
"If your head is on right, you're never without a hat"Hat, top hat, cloche hat, boater, beret, cap, bonnet, headdress, helmet......
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Ettore Sottsass, Italian designer
wednesday 13 september 2017
To mark the centenary of his birth, we offer you a selection of images from the famous Italian designer Ettore Sottsass.Recognised as founder of...
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Georges Guynemer, a French aviation legend
monday 11 september 2017
On 11 September 1917, Captain Georges Guynemer, the most famous French first world war pilot, took off on a mission in his SPAD XIII from which he...
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Dancing with Degas
friday 01 september 2017
Edgar Degas was interested in modern life and more specifically in bodies in movement. In his quest, the world of dance offered him a genuine...
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Tribute to Charles Baudelaire
thursday 31 august 2017
To mark the 150th anniversary of the death of Charles Baudelaire (9 April 1821-31 August 1867). let us pay tribute to this unclassifiable...
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This is not Magritte
friday 11 august 2017
It has been fifty years since Magritte left us. As a painter of the metaphysical and the surreal, this "tactical conformist" never...
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Elvis Presley, the King
wednesday 02 august 2017
It was on 16 August 1977 that the world of rock and roll learned that the King had died aged just 42. Born Elvis Aaron Presley, he revolutionised...
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Tribute to Jeanne Moreau
tuesday 01 august 2017
In 60 years of cinema and over 130 films, Jeanne Moreau worked with some of the great directors, from Luis Buñuel to Wim Wenders, François...
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